The "IS" Industrial Systems conference marks 42 years since its first meeting in Novi Sad in 1981. The first meeting of the participants of this conference was held within the 6th International Conference for Production Research (ICPR '81) between August 24-29, 1981, in Novi Sad, organized by the Institute for Industrial Systems, Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. The conference for this research field was the largest professional event in this region to date, with 797 participants from almost all countries in the world. The president of the ICPR conference board and the founder of the IS conference was Prof. Dr. Dragutin Zelenović.
       The scientific conference "Industrial Systems" was created by unifying three scientific conferences that were held between 1975 and 1981:
       • EFTES '75: Effectiveness of technical systems,
       • PPS ’77 and PPS '80: Design of Production Systems and
       • IUS '79: Information Management Systems


       The Institute for Industrial Systems then made a decision to combine the three conferences into a single scientific conference, "Industrial Systems," with the aim of increasing the visibility of the Institute (IIS) and the Faculty (FTS) and maintaining a leading position in the development of industrial engineering and management engineering in Serbia and the surrounding area.

   The scientific conference Industrial Systems "IS" is held regularly every third year and has been organized 14 times so far. Taking into account the previously held 4 conferences, this is the 19th ''IS'' conference. In the beginning, it was a domestic conference, then with international participation, and from 2008 on, it became an international conference, according to the criteria established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. At the conference, introductory papers were presented by well-known researchers from the country and abroad in the fields of industrial engineering and management, mechatronics, information and communication systems, and managers of large global corporations. At each conference, topics of the current moment of scientific and technological development in the world and their implications for the development of the economy of the Republic of Serbia were discussed. The current moment is characterized by accelerated digitization of society, "block-chain" technologies, a green and circular economy, as well as the transition of Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0.

   Before researchers, as well as experts from the economy, there is a serious task to make PRODUCTION and the systems in which it takes place competitive, capable of applying new methods and technologies, and for fair competition in the open markets of the world. Being competitive means being organized, rationally managing work processes, using available potential and capacities efficiently, being educated, producing in the required and sufficient quality, developing a motivation system, successfully communicating with the environment, and successfully adapting to market conditions.

   The long tradition of this conference shows that researchers from the field of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management in Serbia and the surrounding area are active and have significant, internationally recognized results. I am convinced that the research results and the practical solutions presented at this conference will help the participants in the work processes of economic enterprises improve their businesses with the help of scientific institutions in Serbia and become equal partners in the world markets.


International Program Committee
General Chair

Prof. emeritus Dr. Ilija Ćosić

DIIM, FTS, University of Novi Sad